My name is Elina Arlin (nee. Orkoneva). I work as a freelancer singer-songwriter in many different kinds of bands and also as a solo artist. My passion is songwriting and performing my own music. That gives me so much energy and joy. I’m also finishing my Master’s Education in Sibelius-Academy and teaching rhythmic vocals in Turku Conservatory. Our vocal group the3ees has a huge role in my own musical developing.

I was seventeen when we started singing together, and a lot has happened after that. Two other ees, Eveliina & Ella, are good friends to me and we have so much fun every time we meet. I’m happy – and also a little bit proud – to be part of this group.

Music is more than a job or a hobby to me. It’s my way of living. Maybe that’s the reason why it also plays such a big role in my free-time as well. When I’m not doing music, I love to cook, go boating, do sports or spend time with my family & friends.


Elina Arlin

What Ella says about Elina:

She is a unique and reliable friend, loving wife, supportive, genereous and very hardworking young lady! Elina is ready what ever happens, and she is full of energy and passion; in work and in free-time. She is a charismatic and attractive performer, the best finnish female singer and very good singer-songwriter! You will not forget her once you meet her!

What Eveliina says about Elina:

Elina is the kind of person who in some incredible way is capable of almost anything. She is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter. Elina is a kind, encouraging and loyal friend who sings beautifully and loves with a full heart. She has a mind full of ideas and stories that leave no one bored.


I am Ella Ansaharju, an optometrist and I am working in my Dad´s store in Hämeenlinna as an optician. I sing everyday, but mostly children’s songs with my 3 years old daughter. Soon our family will increase with another baby. I enjoy singing together with my two E´s, not only because they are my colleagues, but also very good friends of mine. I get so much energy and joy of what the3ees brings to me!


Ella Ansaharju

What Elina says about Ella:

She’s a golden and ‘Diamond’ friend with a beautiful voice. She’s a loving mother who is always in good mood. Her smile makes a rainy day better. That’s how Ella is like! Ella’s happiness also captures audience at our gigs and has an effect on songs she composes. Ella also handles our company matters.

What Eveliina says about Ella:

Ella is a real ‘Diamond friend’ whose positive attitude catches on to everyone around her. She prepares excellent snacks for the hungry singers in rehearsal and always takes good care of her friends. Ella is a great soprano and a composer of catchy hit songs.


My name is Eveliina Jämsä. I am a mother of two children and I have a Master’s degree on music education. Music has always been a big part of me so that’s what I keep doing all the time. I love performing and singing with other two Ees who have become great friends of mine. the3ees has been in my life for a long time as I used to act as their pianist before. After many years together I’m now honoured to be a part of the trio itself! Besides singing, I love to cook, play with my kids, exercise, and hang out with my friends and family.


Eveliina Jämsä

What Ella says about Eveliina:

Eveliina is a tender mother and wife, empatic friend, productive and hardworking young lady! Eveliina is ready for everything. She even comes smiling to our rehearsal with a baby in her arms. Eveliina is a very good vocalist and a good pianist too!

What Elina says about Eveliina:

She’s a supportive and dear friend, talented vocalist & pianist, loving mother – a real superwoman! When we needed a new member, it was clear to me and Ella that Eveliina would be the right choice. Eveliina has a great musical-ear and she hears the harmonies I didn’t know existed. If I’m feeling down, a phone-call to Eve will make things better in few minutes!